I am many things including a Thinker, Writer, Teacher, Artist.

I started Thinking Room because the way the world is going we need to carve more space for it and give it the respect it's due. (This is still true five years after I set out on this course.)

For fifteen years I worked as a Brand Strategist and Creative Planner alongside London's brightest minds, in leading agencies: Design Bridge, Ziggurat, Blue Marlin and Dragon Rouge.

In 2014 I was in the midst of one of life's predictably difficult periods. It cohabited with my ever-present yearning to feed and share all the sides of my personality. It was during this period of dis-ease, whilst I was longing for thinking room, that Thinking Room came to light.

I love it here, in this room with no walls. I've worked on fabulous, challenging, big and small projects. I'm proud to have a family of wonderful, wandering co-creators to call on when I need to complement my skills with theirs. Together we have found clear space to illuminate bright ideas and loved doing it.

Living mindfully, meditating daily and finding yoga practices that work for my specific bodymind has become second nature for me. It keeps me sane, whole, focused, productive, good spirited and many other things. It keeps things in perspective and helps me accept that everything is okay right now, even when it's not okay. That's why I learnt to teach and offer these practices, they are life changing.

Being an over-thinker, I'd be doomed had I not found this mindful, meditating way through life's matrix.


May you be well

May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

May you be happy and know the causes of happiness

May you make progress