Born in Zambia, I was blessed with an adventurous childhood laced with fishing trips to the Zambezi river. I  was extremely fortunate that my parents sent me to Waterford Kamhlaba on a mountain top in Swaziland, a school with high moral-compass in a region that needed it.

I have a BA Fine Art Hons. from the University of Cape Town and art-work in the private collections of the Botswana National Gallery and the Bank of Botswana. My parents have lived in Botswana for the last 30 years and I am lucky to have it as a place to pilgrimage to.

A restless curiosity in what makes people and things tick underpinned by training in Art Psychotherapy, Coaching and Mindfulness forged me into a Mindful Strategist and Planner, as planning was taking the leap across the corridor from Advertising to Design. 

For over fifteen years I have kept a daily Meditation and Mindfulness practice. Noticing the impact this has on my head, heart and humanity I seed the learning and benefit of this practice into my work and the world. I have slowly become a crooked shaped yogi, allowing myself to inhabit my body and my yoga in tune with my idiosyncratic life, not instagram. It is very good medicine.

I’m characterised by a unique style, warm character and bright mind, capable of making complex things simple, seeing the wood for the trees, listening deep into the brief, or just listening really empathically. I’m set on communicating in a clear and inspiring way and making strong connections, with people, for people, brands and businesses.

I’m very dedicated to my yoga practice. It’s not just about the yoga. It’s about patience, focus, strength, flexibility, boundaries, limitations, endurance, perspective, balance, making friends with myself so that I can make friends with other people and clearing space to illuminate.

I'm mostly human, which comes with its pitfalls, however I try very hard to be a good human.

I love meeting new people, making new connections and look forward to getting to know you soon if I haven't already done so.